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Take a look on the world-wide list of manufacturers. I`m still working on this.
If you know addresses of manufacturers send them to me, please.

The mailing-list / newsgroup:

There are good newsgroups on the net (e.g.
And now, JOIN the original trikers mailing list:
Just click the 'Join List' button:
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After clicking the button you only get a notice per e-mail after a while. Be patient and press this button only once, please.
if you want to leave, simply
(For human powered trikes describe Marks Mailing List)

Send me Your URL/Photo!

Of course I want to know about your (Trike related)URL/Photo.
If you want to send me your picture notice: I prefer a single .jpg with less than 35KB.
(Or send it to me via s-mail...)
Use only this formular, please. Thank You!

The Trike-Pages need help!

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(I'm a student and do the work on The Trike Pages as a hobby and for free. It is absolutely non commercial! So...)
YES help me, please! I`ll be happy about it. (Read about nice people who did it!)
(if all who access this page adds just alittle - in a short time we will all have a great place to get information and exchange ideas!!)
I prefer $8-):

How to contact the Trike-Pages:

Please don`t forget to tell me what kind of Trike you talking about!

Use this contact form please.

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