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by: Skip Towne (snipstads@aol .com) - sacramento,ca, usa

How to build a Motorcycle for the Wheelchair

Buy a good Solid Bike, I'd start with a Honda 450 sizewise, and go up from there according to finances,
Next, fabricate a sidecar,basically a low platform sized to roll your wheelchair onto and fit the chair snugly,
Position the forward bulkhead in line with the handlebars,
Make up a duplicate head tube and weld it to front of side car,
Now move the handlebars over to the front of the hack, you'll need to have a shop make up some longer cables, and youll need to make linkage to connect the transplanted handlebars to the original steering head.
If you put the sidecar on the side with the transmission shifter you can modify the foot shifter into a jockey shift by fabricating a lever that falls conveniently to hand,
Now figure out how to rig the rear brake to cable and where to mount the control lever.
Finally, make a short tailgate that drops down into a ramp, and raises to hold the chair firmly, fore and aft, operated by a conveniently placed hand lever,
Oh, yeah, replace the original handlebars with a fixed grab bar for your passenger, who will be riding in the original Captains Seat.
O.K., ready to ride? Done your safety and fluids checks?
Drop the ramp, roll onto the sidecar, lockyour wheels, raise and lock tailgate in upright position, and strap chair securely to the hack, it would be best if the rear brake lever were designed to lock in parking brake position,
to continue, Check for Neutral Hit the electric starter button, Clutch, Gearshift, Throttle,
You're Off! When you get there, you've got your chair, you're already in it!

Details, Details, lighrs, markers, windshields, (a faring for the passenger?) toolkit, spare fuel can,etc etc. etc.
You can work it out. This rig is garanteed to turn a few heads and start conversations whereever you go,
Ride on, Brother!

1st ex. "Triksie"

Without the instructions from above you can still build a trike!
Dennis did it. He build a special trike from a Harley Davidson. Here you can see some snapshots.

(click to enlarge)
Believe me, it's a fantastic trike and when i had a chance to ride her - it was great! - .:stevE:.

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