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Leute die mich und (damit auch) diese Seiten unterstützen:

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Du bist hier (nicht) erwähnt? Frag mich wie Du das ändern kannst!

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Build up The World Wide Trike Archive

I try to build a large international three-things-archive. I'm collecting now everything about trikes or things with three wheels or something like that. Of course I try to include this archive in The Trike Pages and make it free for everybody.
If you see something with three things, think about this archive and ...
Please send me every info,notice,brochure,newspaper article, ... you have or find - no matter how small or trivial it looks to you... Thank You Very Much!

I left my heart in San Francisco!

So I want to be back in CA soon and I would be happy to meet YOU!
Still my wish is (of course) to ride a trike there. So if you have a trike, or know somebody who have a trike (or knows somebody...) maybe within two days of motorcycle ride from San Francisco, it would be very cool if you contact me (e.g. by .:e:.-mail).
I will be happy to meet some people and hang around with them, too (- my english is not the best, but i like to tell storys or just fooling around ;-).
Who am I?: I am a student in the Black Forest and from Munich,Bavaria,(Germany),Europe and the owner of the trike pages, which I offer for free and as a hobby. I am 29 years old and of course a Triker ;-).
If you offer me your help: I'll have a nice souvenir from Bavaria for you, or I mention you as a supporter for the Trike Pages, or I'll set up an e-mail address @ for you, or I 'll offer you my help if you ever want to come to Europe (and want to ride a trike there), or I'll simply pay you for renting the trike or whatever, (or all together ;-)... --- Feel free to tell/ask me about.

Thank You Triker!

Are you an english native speaker?

Are you able to correct english text? Or translate german into english?
Help the Trike-Pages, please! Thank You!

Kannst Du perfekt englisch?
Ist es Dir möglich für die Trike-Seiten ein paar Texte zu übersetzen? d.h. Du bist wirklich sattelfest im Englischen?
Du würdest mir eine große Freude machen! Bitte melde Dich!

Need cheap painter

Are you living in Germany? You are a painter?
You are abel to paint my Trike?
Please tell me about it!

Du wohnst in Deutschland, vielleicht sogar in Bayern?
Du kannst günstig lackieren? Auch Trike-Karosserien?
Bitte melde Dich bei mir!
Danke! Thank You!


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