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People supporting me and this site

A very special and warm thank you to:

You are (not) mentioned here? Ask me how to change this! ;-)

I left my heart in San Francisco!

So I want to be back in CA soon and I would be happy to meet YOU!
Still my wish is (of course) to ride a trike there. So if you have a trike, or know somebody who have a trike (or knows somebody...) maybe within two days of motorcycle ride from San Francisco, it would be very cool if you contact me e.g. by .:e:.-mail ;-)
I will be happy to meet some people and hang around with them, too (- my english is not the best, but i like to tell storys or just fooling around ;-).
Who am I?: I am a student in the Black Forest and from Munich,Bavaria,(Germany),Europe and the owner of the trike pages, which I offer for free and as a hobby. I was 29 years old and of course a Triker ;-).
If you offer me your help: I'll have a nice souvenir from Bavaria for you, or I mention you as a supporter for the Trike Pages, or I'll set up an e-mail address @ for you, or I 'll offer you my help if you ever want to come to Europe (and want to ride a trike there), or I'll simply pay you for renting the trike or whatever, (or all together ;-)... --- Feel free to tell/ask me about.

Thank You Triker!


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